The 24 episodes anime is written by Hiroshi Ōnogi and features character designs by Range Murata. It is produced by Gonzo and distributed by Kadokawa Entertainment. Rating: PG-13 (Teens; 13 or older)

A little bit about the Character Designer
Renji "Range" Murata (村田 蓮爾), born October 2, 1968 in Osaka, is a Japanese artist and designer, known for his unique style combining Art Deco and Japanese anime elements. He is best known for his conceptual design work on anime series like Last Exile and Blue Submarine No. 6.

The brief synopsis/episode summaries are translated from what is released from a Japanese broadcasting website. No further elaboration of the episodes are encouraged; in compliance with Fair Use.

Ep Summary
1 In a time set in a not too distant future, global warming is accelerating and as a prevention, Carbon Economy was introduced to the world. To suppress carbon pollution, the government transforms Tokyo into a forest where the refugees get left behind, while the wealthy resides in the high-rise tower of Atlas corporation. Hojo Kuniko, the star of hope for the abandoned refugees, is released from the Girls Detention Centre. Against the tanks that overruns the town, Kuniko's boomerang takes flight. Thus begins her solitary strife.
2 In the region of Old Ikebukuro. cannonballs are projected out of no where. As panic strikes the residents in the present state of affairs, Kuniko heads to suppress and investigate the position of the attack. In the shadow, an extremely rich young heiress, Karin, smiles. A young girl Mikuni appears. As the casts are laid out, in the extensive forest of Tokyo, disagreeing thoughts and mysteries calls for a battle.
3 In a place called Duomo where Kuniko and her friends live, a transexual named Miiko wins the lottery and the chance to move to Atlas tower and to realize his/her dream to revive New Roppongi's transexual pub "Tropical Fish". With hopes and dreams in his/her heart, Miiko heads for Atlas. What awaits there?
4 In order to fund military expenses, Kuniko heads to Akihabara with Momoko to redeem carbon materials retrieved from Duomo. On the other hand, the carbon market has begun to collapse on a world-scale. A game begins in the world economy when Karin programs to steal. In order to seize the location of the rebels, Karin infiltrates into Akihabara.
5 Kuniko meets Lieutenant Kusanagi in Akihabara.The government, rebels and those who protects the government. Where mutual positions are different, the ideals are similar. As the youths confirm their mutual ideals, a rain of bombs and hail fell on Akihabara, destroying it in the process.
6 As Orochi goes on a rampage, the danger of the collapsing carbon economy becomes apparent. Kuniko and Nagiko scrambles for a countermeasure. On the other hand, while Kusanagi resigns from the military, he is invited to the Moon Palace. The identical daggers that Mikuni and Kusanagi possess calls out to each other.
7 Soichiro appears suddenly, capturing Kuniko and her friend Yuka, together they are imprisoned in the Girls Detention centre. Awaiting them there is Atlas Corporation President, Naruse Ryouko, who relentlessly tortures Kuniko. What will be the outcome of the confrontation of fate.
8 After all the endured torture she goes through, a death sentence awaits Kuniko. As the news of Kuniko's death penalty circulates, Metal Age draws a desperate rescue attempt.
9 As Kuniko and her friends make their escape from the Detention Centre, a certain Heian group is having a flower-viewing session on a highway. While Sayako fires from an anti-tank rifle at Kuniko and gang, she notices Momoko's exceptional combat skills and displays an interest in having him/her as a specimen. Momoko gets taken away as a result.
10 While going through relentless torture by Sayako, Momoko notices her sad past. As Medusa rampages out of Karin's control, it moves from the virtual world to the real world, while the Solar Power Satelite, Apollo, creates an artificial typhoon of the coast of the Marshall Islands, headed towards Medusa.
11 Regardless of how rich she is, the girl's parents never showed up in front of her. However, a mysterious youth appears before Karin. As she laments her circumstances with him, the boy tries to take her outside. On the other hand, by the influence of the typhoon, the battleship "Peerless Japan" sunk and Kusanagi and his men could only wait for rescue.
12 Naruse Ryouko begins her move earnestly.With the position of Prime Minister in her hands, all plans for relocation to Atlas is frozen. Metal Age embarks on a clean-up operation. In the meantime, Sayako is visited by a surbordinate of Ryouko and Sayako appeals for Mikuni as the next Atlas Party Leader. On the other hand, Kuniko purchases a huge amount of weapons at Akihabara to prepare for the coming days.
13 Finally as President of Metal Age, Kuniko's determination for a direct confrontation with Atlas begins. For the future, the happiness of all people and in order to make a decision for herself, Kuniko boards the fighter plane. Atlas meets the Metal Age members with their share of fighter planes and armed helicopters as a battle of fire begins.
14 In the air and on land, the sound of battle didn't stop ringing between Atlas and Metal Age. During Atlas' onslaught, Metal Age members are scattered and right before evryone's eyes, an "Old Tokyo" emerges. It was the result of Atlas' latest weapon, the "Mimesis Armour", that the mirage is formed. In the chaos, Kuniko and friends are attacked mysteriously by bombs neither from Atlas nor Metal Age.
15 The damage from the mysterious bombs has spread to Atlas. Meanwhile, an outbreak of poisonous gas hits Tokyo. Regardless of Metal Age or Atlas, each action and hatred will be remembered. Is this a sign from nature to humanity?
16 The United Nations resolved to withdraw. To avoid prying eyes, Kuniko heads to the president's office and exiles Nagiko. Till now, it is proven that the mysterious bombs turn out to be "Daedalus", plants that have evolved phenomenally. While Kuniko and friends are on their way to investigate, Takehiko disappears.

Kuniko gets confronted by Takehiko at gunpoint and learns about the truth of Atlas, the meaning of Kuniko's existence and his reason for being around her. Kuniko is unable to hide her shock when news of Nerima Branch being destroyed by Daedalus reached her.


Daedalus. The evil plant that devours the town with an astounding growth rate. Its generated gas attacks humans in its photochemical smog stage. In order to defeat Daedalus, Kuniko decides to raze Tokyo by bombing. And their aim is...Duomo.

19 As the residents evacuated to Atlas, Kuniko boards a bomber plane and heads over to the skies above Duomo, where she hesitates to activate the fire switch button. Meanwhile in Atlas, Nagiko and Talsian reveals the mysterious creation of Atlas.
20 In the scorched earth of Tokyo, Kuniko and Kusanagi finds the string of light, which runs in Tokyo. A mysterious line which will connect to a larger picture. On the other hand, as Medusa continues its rampage, a huge investment begins for the Antarctic continent. However, as there isn't a specific territory in the Antarctic, this sparks a failure in the world economy.
21 Sky Fortress Titan has locked its sight on Akihabara. There is no sign of Karin and the neo-guild while Mikuni and her entourage suffers from the attack. However, Miiko as the transformed Hiruko, saved Mikuni with his life and Mikuni wants revenge to the person who is responsible for it. On the other hand, Medusa's unstoppable rampage plunges the world into further chaos.
22 In order to avenge Miiko's death, Mikuni takes the stairs towards Atlas and is determined to be its successor. Meanwhile Medusa discharges carbon dioxide in order to annihilate the human race and trespasses into the global military network. In order to stop Medusa, Karin exhausts through hard work to the limit. On the other hand, in her bid to stop Medusa, Kuniko takes the stairs towards Atlas. What lies await there?
23 Military network trespasser Medusa, releases the nuclear silos of every country and little time is left. Little choices are left for humanity, while Kuniko and Mikuni holds the fate of the world.
24 As the world countdowns to its collapse, Ryouko reveals her true intentions and the significance of Kuniko and Mikuni's existence. When the studded points are connected to the line - who is the enemy who must be defeated, the mystery of the world's creation, as well as, the key to the future is revealed. As Kuniko heads for the last battle, she clenches her boomerang, aiming towards everyone's ideal world (Shangri-la).

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