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Polls and Voting is up!! let's get things rolling now Shangri-La fans!! Poll End Dates will be posted as and when. The poll will then be locked to prevent tampering of results. For an example of the poll, have a look below. Ok, till then, happy voting! Cya!

Poll 1

(Poll ends on the 4th May.)

Which characters would you like to see on our homepage banner if we do have one in the future?

  • Kuniko only
  • Kuniko & Kunihito
  • Atlas Corp Members
  • Metal Age Members -- Momoko & Kuniko
  • Metal Age Members -- Momoko, Kuniko, Miiko & Takehiko
  • Moon Palace Members -- Mikuni, Miiko & Sayoko
  • Ishida Finance -- Karin, chang & Klaris
  • Akihabara's Broker Trio (^^)
  • A bimonthly rotation of all groups!

The poll has ended. Results: No one voted =( so I guess I'll just pick the bimonthly rotation choice =) Hope to see more participation next time! Feel free to suggest polls in the Poll Suggestion Thread in the forums.