A young girl who skillfully wields a boomerang in the defense of her town from the military or anyone who seeks to intervene. She is usually shown clad in a girls' sailor-designed school uniform. She is extremely athletic and has a rambunctious personality. However, except for her physical ability and skills with the boomerang, she has no other known special abilities. Her huge boomerang is made of carbon nanotube.

Kuniko is affectionately known to the residents of Duomo as Kuni-chan. At the age of sixteen, she was arrested as a terrorist for seeding tear gas in a school and was sent to a reformatory. This was however done to assist a friend while the true culprit was caught. In the anime version, she went in place of her friend for her crime and was imprisoned for two years in a girls' reformatory.  

This is where we see in the beginning of the anime, where she is released by the girls' reformatory. Although not part of Metal Age, she is designated as the future head of the anti-government organization.   

Referred to as "The Sun", she is also known as Digma 2. Her true identity is the clone of Jimmu (Himiko in the anime).

Kuniko profile

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