Kuniko's 'grandmother' and the head of Metal Age. She places a firm emphasis on learning and is much sterner and reserved than Kuniko is. She wants Kuniko to become the next leader of Metal Age but Kuniko does not want to be. She also disagrees with using the internet for information and gets her knowledge from the many books she has.

Nagiko is actually the first CEO of Atlas Corporation and the one who came up with the Atlas Project. She received funds from Sergei Talsian in order to build the futuristic city for their descendants. After Kuniko confronts her about this fact and receives no explanation, Kuniko is forced to expel her from Duomo. However, Nagiko reappears later on to help Kuniko to negotiate with Ryouko to grant temporary shelter inside Atlas for the inhabitants on the surface, so that Metal Age can eradicate Daedulus by burning Tokyo down. Nagiko was also somewhat of an idol in Akihabara during the Electric Town Era.


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