• Voiced by: Yui Ariga (Japanese), Apphia Yu (English)

A very pale, little girl of eight years who lives in the sixth palace and said to be a descendant of the royal family of a past era. In fact, she is the product of Crown Prince Kasamatsu and Ryōko's mother's in vitro fertilization, and thus carries both their genes. In the anime however, she was the product of Himiko's DNA. She is referred to as "The Moon" and also called Digma 1. As one of the successor candidates to Atlas, her palace is strictly guarded.

As she suffers from a collagen disease, she cannot be exposed to sunlight. Thus, she would go through her daily life sheltered by a shade-veil and travel by a sedan/cart when necessary. She also has the uncanny ability to see through lies and subsequently puts liars to death by manipulating and crushing the offender physically. She carries a sacred dagger identical to the ones Kunihito Kusanagi and Kuniko have, as well as an ear ring matching the one Momoko wears. She becomes very attached to Miiko as the story progresses.

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