A transgender girl with a flamboyant personality and a forever-28-years-old perspective. She met a young Kuniko then when she had escaped to Shin-okubo and has since cared for Kuniko almost as a daughter and a mentor to her combat skills.

She was previously a manager of a trans pub in Roppongi called "Tropical Fish" (that was located at Dogenzaka, Shibuya), which she had to abandon then. It is her dream to re-open the pub if she gets to move to Atlas, however, when Miiko won the lottery to Atlas instead, she gave up that dream.

Before Momoko transitioning, she was a well-known Judoka . In the anime, her weapon of choice is a whip that is coiled around her arm until she activates and uses it. She has a liking towards men, and is displayed attacking them through the use of an uncomfortable encounter for the soldiers. She has high athletic abilities, combat efficiency, as well as notable beauty.

Momoko profile

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