• Voiced by: Rei Igarashi (Japanese), Jeniffer Seman (English)

She is a doctor who succeeded Sayoko and majored in immunology in the Tokyo University Hospital. Since her grandfather was Prime Minister Naruse Keiichiro, she was the perfect woman born with a good lineage, beauty, brains and brawn. In the anime, she is the leader of Z4, a domineering woman who wants to control everything around her. She seems to possess a bad temperament and lashes out at others but mostly towards Shion, a boy who serves her and whom she treats as a slave. Shion performs his every order, from foot massage to serving food and drinks. She also seems to only care about the development and advancement of Atlas. She is the human interface of Zeus, the supercomputer that controls Atlas.

In episode 15, she becomes the prime minister and eliminates those that inhibit her governance. In the end, she made use of Mikuni's resolve for revenge to destroy the world. However, she was impaled by Kuniko with the imperial halberd and died soon after aging rapidly. Immediately after, Zeus (aka the soul of Himiko) departed from her body.

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