• Voiced by: Ken'yu Horiuchi (Japanese), Bryan Massey (English)

A man in his thirties who plays the role of the driver and regulates the electricity production in the town of Duomo. He is often reckless but easily dependable.

In the anime, he concurrently served as an inspector in Kashima as well. Due to Takehiko's sister being held hostage, he was an agent sent under Ryouko's orders to watch over Kuniko, with the code-name #13. He strongly believed in the construction of Atlas but was shattered when he found out that his younger sister Yasuko was used as a sacrifice with the other children in the city's construction. Losing all hope, he attempted to kill Kuniko in order to ruin Atlas' plans but was interfered by Kunihito. He told Kuniko about her true role as the inheritor of Atlas before seemingly killing himself by jumping into a storm drain. He survived however and reappeared at the ending, where he tried to destroy Atlas but was killed by Soichirou in the end.

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