Hata Soichirō(秦総一郎)

One of the Z4 working for Ryōko, he looks after information and updates for Lady Ryōko. After killing Takehiko, Soichirō was killed in the end by Daedalus that was fired from behind.

(An original character for the anime version.)

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Kudo Shogō(九土省吾)

The main analyst for Atlas Corporation and the leader of Z4, Shogō works for Lady Ryōko. He is one who speaks politely and wears a thin smile with falling eyebrows. He is later revealed to be the half-brother of Sayoko.

(An original character for the anime version.)

Imaki Reon(今木烈音)

Working for Lady Ryōko as one of the Z4, Reon is the older brother of Shion and leads the military for Atlas Corporation. He is always worried about Ryōko's treatment of his younger brother Shion.

(An original character for the anime version.)

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Imaki Shion(今木紫音)

One of the Z4, the younger brother of Reon and the  Ryōko personal slave, whose main job is to care for her mistress needs, which includes serving food, massage and serve her feet and drying her off after a bath. He is the victim of most of Ryōko's temper but apparently he seems to hold a crush for Lady Ryōko and enjoys these punishments. He doubts the value of his own existence.

(An original character for the anime version.)

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